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How much does a Hooters Girl make in one night?


  1. butt tat says:

    I make about 156 dollars per night in tips working there. The outfits are only uncomfortable only if you are ashamed of your body. If you want to make good money i would suggest working at hooters….good luck to you:)

  2. willow says:

    don know
    but sounds degrading enough not worth the $

  3. GM says:

    quite a bit…but they save it to pay for the medical school costs

  4. ChaChaCHA! says:

    you might as well become a stripper and get pay 4 times what those hooters’ hoes get paid.

  5. yooper602 says:

    the real ? is how much does she make in tip i would better than wages

  6. P1189 says:

    i dont know, working at hooters is not that bad. just watch out for pervs. gl

  7. James C says:

    I’ve never known a Hooter’s girl not to do well. It really depends on the location of the Hooter’s and its volume of customers. It is not unusual to bring home $300 to $500 on a very busy night.

  8. CT says:

    I’m not sure how much they make but from the tone of your questions, you seem like you feel it’s immoral. If you are comfortable with you decision then hold your head high and go for it. If you want to make large tips, my suggestion would try to become a waitress at an expensive restaurant, where the cost of the food is so high that 15% (or more) of that is a nice chunk of change. I don’t know where you live, but Melting Pot and other "fancy" restaurants may be a better option. Good luck.

  9. kerry k says:

    While the guys, at least some of them, may think that you are their for them to pick up, ignore them, but give them good service. At first, watch how the other girls deal with the guys. Do the best that you can, and give good service within the bounds of a waitress, and you should do well. I have been to hooters, and the girls are there to make a living, or to pay for school, nothing more. I would say go for it, and the Young lady who has said that she works at one might be a good contact for you, if she will allow that. Go for it, and I hope you are the #1 best waitress that you store ever had.

  10. John Hightower says:

    In Richmond, VA about 2-3 years ago there was a married woman working at Hooters. She worked days at an insurance company. But made enough at Hooters to buy a $88,000 Mercedes Sedan. Story in the newspaper was that she had 1 regular customer at Hooters who would give her $200 – $300 each night in tips.

    She looked like she could have been the centerfold in Playboy. They found her body in a dumpster.

    Arrested the husband cause they found the car within a block of their house.

    I worked at the Virgina Dept of Corrections (in the computer technology section). Read a bunch of reports how women in this line of work need to be very careful. Some customers, after too many drinks, or too many big tip$ – think they deserve more than the girls are willing to give.

  11. roberto lopez says:

    depends where youre at, but 150-200 night is the average in tips

  12. AJ2006 says:

    I’m not sure where I heard this, or if it was on the news because someone sued for discrimination, but I heard that one has to be at least a "D" cup to even be considered for Hooter’s employment. Was this ever resolved?

  13. prem says:

    I dont know how much they make, but I normally give a big tip for them.

    But… theres a lot other nicer ways to earn money, rather than being a hooters girl or a stripper… why do you wanna choose this?? you say you’re goin to school, then why dont ya get a job in your field of study????

  14. sara_00_0 says:

    The outfits are not uncomfortable, it is a pair of pantyhose that almost feel like tights, and a tight top.

    I know a few, and depending on location and night, you could easily walk out with $200 or more a shift.

    If you have the right bubbly personality, are always on top of the orders (guys hate to wait for their beer or food), and can flirt with the guys, you will do great.

    There is ALWAYS a big muscle dude there, that will watch out for you. You never leave the place or enter in your uniform, you change there, so you never have to worry about going outside in that.

    I say go for it, because you get to do so many things beyond being a waitress, and might end up really enjoying it. I have seen Hooters girls get to go to Sporting Events (Especially NASCAR RACES) and get to meet a lot of cool people!

    Those that tell you it is immoral are jealous because you are doing something that they can’t do!

  15. icewomanblockstheshot says:

    Honey, get a job that uses your brain. You will always be able to learn/earn more as you go along. The only way to end the expoitation of women is to teach them to value themselves more.

  16. K e says:

    If you like working for people go for it. There are not many jobs where its a casual atmosphere. As a Hooters customer, I feel
    like I am on vacation and I tip good there even if I give bad service. Keep your focus on doing a good job and the financial rewards will follow. Also new cars are expensive and even rich people drive used cars. Enjoy.

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