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What is a good name for a restaurant that is themed around a horse sleigh?


  1. Matt says:

    The Loose Box.

    If you want to use the suggestion about STALLIONS, then you need to spell it right.

  2. freed says:

    1) The Sleigh
    2) Barns and Nobel (suppose you name the horse and the sleigh)

  3. Chris S says:

    The One-Horse Open Sleigh
    It’s Snow Fair
    You Sleigh Me

  4. Timothy says:

    Stalions bar and grill or just stalions grill

  5. Guerareal says:

    1) Giddy Up
    2) I like Freed’s "The Sleigh."
    3) Down Yonder

  6. Old Guy says:

    Simply put…"The Barn"

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