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how does the mcdonalds double drive thru work?


  1. JJ says:

    The McDonalds down the street from me is like that with the double lanes and I was curious how it worked too so one day I asked. lol It is the same person taking orders for both windows. They take the orders on a first come, first served basis which is how they keep them in order and they enter each lanes order on a different screen at the one by my house. Hope that helped. :)

  2. soccermommma says:

    I don’t know, but we have some in our city and they look really fast. Usually, the second line is not in use, but when it is, they are really moving the cars through.

  3. Lee G says:

    U just go in either lane….. Idk tho I’ve seen it cause road rage. Especially people in minivans. And I see no difference in it being any quicker.

  4. See Sim says:

    I am a previous McDonalds manager
    McDonalds has two types of ‘double drive thrus’; tandem and two-lane

    Tandem – tandem drive thrus have only ONE lane but TWO speaker boxes, one after the other.
    A car drives up to the drive thru (DT) and is directed to the 1st box (the one closest to the DT cashier window). This is how it is directed –> The 1st box you see will have a message on the screen saying drive to the next box and also an audio message.
    The first car places their order while a second car has pulled up behind (at the 2nd box) A message plays at the 2nd box saying \Welcome to McDonalds, please take a look at the menu board and I will be with you in one moment\. As soon as the first car has finished ordering the order taker can start the order of the second car.
    Advantage: It cuts out the time it takes for the 2nd car in line to drive up to the box. Also if the DT is busy/backed up the order taker can take the order of the next car.

    Two-lane – The DT has two lanes to choose from (typically you choose the shortest or empty lane) each with a box. Similarly with tandem, the first cars orders is taken while the 2nd car is given the \…take a look at the menu board\ speech. The system also takes a picture of the car so the cashier can match the order to the correct car (just in case people push in line). When both DT lanes a constanly fill the order taker alternates between speaker boxes. This DT is first in, first served basis.

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