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  1. DeadSurvivor says:

    In Tampa, the Arby’s are always close around 11:00pm regardless of the day. If they are open until 1:00am, I guess the managers here in Tampa close their doors earlier if business isn’t booming.

  2. ash.wri says:

    ummm i would say 2?

  3. jacqueline says:

    i believe they close either at 12 or 2. i know it ends in a 2 but i dont remember which one.

    and even if its not open, taco bell is open til 3 am or later…and wendy’s is open like til 1 you can eat great, even late.

  4. Starfish says:

    Here in Podunk it closes at 10:00… where are you?


  5. azrim h says:

    Arby’s till 12:00
    Taco Bell till 1:00

  6. says:

    have you ever seen an NBA player work at Arby’s? haha that would be hilariouss i heard Ron Artest asked to work at Fry’s Electronics just to get a cheaper laptop

  7. smASHley says:

    It depends on where you live… but usually they are open until 2am. Call them, and could you pick me up a five for $5.95? My Auntie and I got the munchies!

  8. bluebell says:

    12 am

  9. littlerascal711 says:

    depends on location I think..I stoped there at 12 on a Friday and they we closed but when I was in another area of the country on vacation I think they were open later

  10. islandgirl says:

    hey i’m in CA it close at 12am

  11. april2008 says:

    Just recently they started being open til 1AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Midnight every other day.

  12. makeloans2 says:

    Call them. If they answer, their still open, and you can ask them what time they close.

  13. 518 says:

    11:00 pm in nj…………

  14. Maebnus says:

    Well, if it says Midnight or Later, then I’d only assume Midnight. They say it, so they have to honor that much. Beyond midnight, I’d call them to make sure… or just go for a drive and see. Even on Friday, if it’s slow, they’ll usually close earlier.

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