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How much money does a stripper make at a strip club in Las Vegas ?


  1. Michael M says:

    Lady I work wtih was a cocktail server at one of the clubs. She was taking home $1600 on a good week.
    A DJ was interviewed on the radio, and makes $5 an hour and close to $1200 in tip some nights.

  2. tandl63801 says:

    well, i dont know what the actual pay is but when we went out there for our first visit, my husband gave one a hundred dollar tip. so id say they probably make very good money, in the tips, that is! :)

  3. NineInchPipe says:

    I’m close to a couple of ladies that regularily strip in Vegas. They’ve told me that on a convention weekend, they can easily rake in $2000-$4000 for Fri and Sat. Regular weekends usually around $1000-$2000. They go 2-3 weekends a month. The amounts also depend on the club and the customer base. All I know for sure is it’s one helluva lot more than I make grunting as a blue collar worker for a month.

  4. Jefaber says:

    I’m sure that the amount is based on how far they will go for the money.

  5. simplydelicious says:

    Depends on th club, area of town the cover charge.

  6. Rickaford says:

    What does this have to do with dining out? What you make depends on if you are willing to do "other" things!!!!

  7. plrgutierrez says:

    my lovely that never does nothing bad went to a striper club and he said that he did not know but i just dont belive him

  8. paka2lolo says:

    From too much TO TOO, TOO, TOO MUCH !!!!!!!!

  9. wildflower says:

    depends on time of year, right now it’s our slow season, so i’m making $200-$300 a night, but once september comes it’ll be $800-$1000 a night. i definitely can’t wait. may-mid-august is slow season. be careful in scores, on any given fri or sat night they can have about 300 girls on the floor, i work there too. the money i mentioned above applies to my earnings at cheetahs, the library. glitter gulch would be a good place to go, only tourists, but a lot of vice go in there so be careful. that place also has a high house fee, $65 for dayshift, that’s retarded high. i’m not sure about treasures.

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