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Things teens can do on a Friday / Saturday night ?


  1. Alexs says:

    movie’s, playing video game, going out and play sport. mmmm ask your mom to hand you some cash..

  2. amina says:

    play games movies…

  3. purple_jemz says:

    You could go to the movies, do shopping (If the shops are open), eat, walk around, take pictures (for memories) and have fun! :)

  4. Shorty says:

    Game night, watch movies, go for walks.

  5. Traci Martinez says:

    BOWLING!! play pool, go skating, rent movies and borrow eachothers houses lol , go out to eat at a fast food place.. Throw your own party shop shop shop !!

  6. Amber S says:

    party. movie. bowling. skating.

  7. Cory Coleman says:

    well you can go to the Cinema or rent a movie and go to a disco or stay over at there house or play video games if you want

  8. Firebladenut says:

    get drunk in the park on cheap dirty cider, then have a *censored* orgy. Life is short, enjoy it. regret nothing.

  9. 'fs-rawwr says:

    Me and my bestfriend both have boyfriends and on a friday or saturday night we rent or buy a film (or a previously bought film) and we watch it together after a meal out or a takeaway. Bowling is also a really fun idea (:

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