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Why do I want to work at Burger King?


  1. dsreed says:

    You could say: to gain work experience, to help pay for my college education, I need a job, I’ve worked in fast food before, I heard it was a great place to work. Then the next part would be to give examples of work type situations, if this will be your first job, showing how you were always on time, dependable when you volunteered or participated in activities, etc.

  2. Brett says:

    for job expewrience, to work as a team with my co-workers, and just bullshit that up, they are going to like it alot more than saying for money

  3. Mr. Sonny says:

    You think their food is the best fast food around.

  4. Store Brand Mayonnaise says:

    Sorry, but I cant think of any good reason why anybody would want to work at a Murder King :(

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